Evolution for dummies. Greg Krukonis, Tracy Barr

Evolution for dummies

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Evolution for dummies Greg Krukonis, Tracy Barr ebook pdf
Publisher: Wiley
Language: English
Page: 386
ISBN: 0470117737, 9780470117736

Today, most colleges and universities offer evolutionary study as part of their biology curriculums. Evolution For Dummies will track a class in which evolution is taught and give an objective scientific view of the subject. This balanced guide explores the history and future of evolution, explaining the concepts and science behind it, offering case studies that support it, and comparing evolution with rival theories of creation, such as intelligent design. It also will identify the signs of evolution in the world around us and explain how this theory affects our everyday lives and the future to come.

From the Back Cover

Fascinating case studies highlight evolutionary research in the lab and in the wild

From Darwin to DNA — your objective guide to the key concepts of evolution

Want to get a clear understanding of evolution? This plain-English guide explains what evolution is, how it works, and the ways it affects your life. You'll see how evolution impacts everything from body shape to behavior to choosing a mate, ways we can trace the past evolutionary history of species, and how humans continue to evolve.


What natural selection is and how it works

The evolutionary history of modern humans

The evolution of viruses and scientists' fight against them

The role of genetics in the evolution of species


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